How to Receive an International Payment

I was recently faced with a problem of not being able to receive my payments from Amazon for my advertising commissions (associate payments as they call it). At the same time I was looking into promoting a few ClickBank products and was looking at their international payment options and found none that worked for me.

Being an online entrepreneur and more specifically, being involved in affiliate marketing certainly can have its challenges. I have been promoting Amazon products for a few years new and receiving my payments via a physical check. This might sound like a rather old-school way of getting paid, but I thought it was the only option that I had.

Let me explain: 

You have to have a US bank account to get paid directly

I am not a US citizen and I don’t have a US bank account. Amazon have 2 payment options available to their international associates: Amazon Gift Card or a physical check.

The Amazon gift card option did not appeal to me because I wanted the hard cash that I had earned and I didn’t intend spending all of it buying stuff from Amazon.

They have recently added direct bank transfer as a payment option to banks in 52 different countries. It came as no surprise that my country was not listed.

The only option I had was to request payment by check.

This had a few disadvantages:

  • You have to earn a minimum of $100 before you will be paid
  • It took about 6 weeks for the check to get to me via snail mail
  • I then had to go into the bank to deposit the check

Although it was a slow process that regularly tested my patience, it was work for me.

Then I got the bad news

All the banks in my country have stopped dealing in checks. They no longer issue or accept checks.

I was stuck. I had to go and do some more homework and find out if there was any other way that I could receive an international payment.

I had also been looking at the ClickBank payment options and they also only offer checks for internatonal affiliates outside of the USA. There is no way that I could have been the only one with this problem, so I knew that there had to be a another way.

For some reason that I do not understand, neither of these two companies offer payments to a PayPal account as an option.

That’s when I found out about Payoneer

I came across an article where somebody mentioned that they used Payoneer for the amazon payments. My first thought was that they probably would not have an option for my country.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised!

I was allowed to sign up for a Payoneer account and link it to my local bank account.

Having a Payoneer account gives me the option of getting a direct bank payment from Amazon. They have local bank accounts in many different countries and you get your own US bank account details to receive these payments. Once the funds are in your Payoneer account then you can cash out to your local bank account.

Not only is my Amazon payment issue fixed, but I now also have this as an option to use with ClickBank.

Another big bonus is that I do not have to wait for my balance to reach $100 before I get paid. With a direct bank payment you only have to earn $10 or more to qualify for a payment.

Payoneer solved my problem of receiving international payments.

I now have a payoneer account and I will be able to use it with different companies in different countries to receive my payments.

Sometimes it takes us reaching a roadblock on our journey that forces us to look for other options. This one worked out for me and I now have a better solution than the one I was using before.

It was easy to sign up with Payoneer, but I am still learning how everything works. In a few months I should be able to do everything as though I have been doing it for years.

If you are needing a solution for receiving international payments then I recommend that you look at Payoneer as an option. It is available in many coutries so there is a good chance that it will work for you.

Have you used Payoneer?

I would love to hear your experience if you have. Please leave a comment below and let us know your opinion.

Updated: January 5, 2021 — 6:10 pm

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