Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? – Saving Time, Saving Money

What is Wealthy Affiliate? What are the costs involved and what do you get? Is it really worth the price and the effort involved?

We all know that the internet has evolved at a great pace over the past few years and there is plenty of free information to be found on just about any topic. This would include the subjects of building websites and online marketing.

So why would somebody want to pay a membership fee for access to a site that has much of the same information?

I will come back to that in a moment.

First, let’s take a quick look at what Wealthy Affiliate is.

A High-Level Overview and My Ratings

NAME: Wealthy Affiliate

OWNERS: Kyle and Carson


TRAINING: 4.5 out of 5

SUPPORT: 4.9 out of 5

MEMBER PLATFORM: 4.8 out of 5



RESEARCH TOOLS: 4.5 out of 5

SUCCESS STORIES: 4.7 out of 5

PRICE: Starter Membership: Free; Premium Membership: $49 per month or $359 per year

DIYOnlineBusiness RATING: 4.7 out of 5

I will touch on all of these areas briefly, but there are two that I want to look at in more detail so that I can answer the question posed at the beginning of this post.


TRAINING – Setting you up for success

There is a lot of training at Wealthy Affiliate.

This includes the two main courses that the owners have created, training that other members have created and weekly live training Webinars (and all the replays of these live training sessions).

To add to this there are also the many informative posts that members contribute to the site.

There is a lot of information that can be found in one place.

The two main courses are very well structured and step you through everything that you need to do to build an online business and market it on the internet, and ultimately earn from it.

If you stick with the training in the course you have a good chance of creating a successful website. You do not have to spend time doing your own research to find out what you should do and how you should do it. It is all there for you to follow, step by step.

The main course, the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, consists of five levels of 10 modules each.

The Bootcamp Course consists of seven levels of 10 modules each.

Somebody else already did the research, tested it out and then put it into the training.

No trial and error.

Very often when you look for information online you will find two or more different ways to do something.

How do you decide which way is better if you are still trying to figure all of this out?

You could try each option in turn and see which works, then adjust and continue.

That will waste a lot of your time when you could just get on with the job of building your site and getting your business off the ground.

Wealthy Affiliate takes the guesswork out of building an online business

The owners already did all the tests with their own businesses  and websites and the training is the result of what works.

Together with other successful online business owners they are continuously doing research and actively building their own businesses and then sharing their knowledge with the members at Wealthy Affiliate.

The online world changes at a very rapid pace. This means that you and I have to keep up with these changes if we want to have a successful website.

You certainly don’t want your website to be failing because you are using outdated marketing methods that are no longer effective.

You want to be spending your time building your business, not trying to keep track of what changes are taking place out in the big Internet World.

You can do that with the help of Wealthy Affiliate!

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is kept up to date to cater for any major changes in the online world.

In addition to this the more experienced members post blogs and write training to help other members to keep up to date with the changes. You get to know about the changes early on and you save a lot of time because you don’t have to go and figure it out for yourself.

Instead of searching through many sites to find the information you need to learn to build your own successful online business, you can find it all in one place at Wealthy Affiliate. This will save you a lot of time and, as the cliche goes, time is money.


SUPPORT – Help when you need it

When I started my first online business I was following the training at Wealthy Affiliate, but I still had questions. When there is nobody to talk to and ask questions then this can be very frustrating and can even derail your efforts.

Being part of a community of like-minded people means that you have people to talk to and people who can answer your questions. There are a few options to ask questions and these include being able to post questions for people to answer, join in discussion thread for each training module and a live chat (for premium members).

Apart from getting help when you need it, the support also extends to encouragement.

There were times when I was on the brink of giving up and reached out to the community who responded with advice and encouragement to keep me going. It was just what I needed at the time and it kept me going.

Then there is also the technical support.

The hosting of your website is included in the premium membership and there is a support team looking after any issues that you may have. In the 4 years that I have been a member and have had websites hosted with them I have not needed to use this support team. I have seen online chat conversations about their support and it has been very positive.

The support offered by the community is what really makes the membership of Wealthy Affiliate worthwhile for me. I don’t have any friends or family members who are successful online marketers and this means that I don’t have people around me to help me along when I get stuck or lose my way.

Having experienced online marketers available to answer questions and to give advice is what has kept me as a member for over four years. This is not something that I will give up lightly and I plan on being a member for a long time to come.

Having this support when you need it is another great time-saver.


The Easiest Website Builder I know of

When I first thought about starting an online business I thought I had to enrol in a few courses to learn how to build websites. I had studied IT many years ago, but the thought of trying to figure out how to create a website really scared me.

I felt like a total novice and couldn’t even figure out what courses I was looking for.

It was at about that tine that I found Wealthy Affiliate and tried out the free membership.

I started the first course and before I knew it I had created my first website. When I got to that step I could not believe how easy it was.

It took less than a minute to have the basic site created and ready for me to add my content. That next step was also covered in the step by step training and I was on my way to achieving my dream – without enrolling in any website building courses!

You really don’t need any technical experience to be able to create your website using this platform. You can try it out right now and see for yourself (for free).

Choose a name for your site and type it in below and put it to the test.

<iframe src=”//” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” width=”600″ height=”190″></iframe>

I hope you gave it a try and would like to hear your experience in the comments section at the end of this post.

Back to what you get as a member at Wealthy Affiliate…

World class WordPress Hosting – all included for Premium Members

I have not shopped around for WordPress Website hosting because I have not needed to. As a premium member this is included in my membership and I have not seen the need to go outside of this platform. No matter where you go, there is a cost to host a website with a reputable hosting company.

As pert of the SiteRubix website builder platform WordPress is already pre-installed for you along with the most important WordPress Plugins that you need for your website. When you create your site using the Website Builder then all of these are automatically there. This is a huge time-saver and makes things really easy for even the non-technical people.

I do have another WordPress website hosted elsewhere and it really takes a lot more effort to get things up and running that having it all done for you.

The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is really top class and includes regular backups and really good security. It also caters for you to have email addresses for your domain (website name). Your site can also be encrypted (made secure) as part of the deal, no extra cost.

This is another really big advantage for premium members because it means that there are no additional costs involved in keeping your website up and running – it is all included in the membership. If you look around at prices for website hosting you will see that they range from about $3 per month to as much as $19.95 per month.

From the few areas we have looked at so far I think you can already see that there is a lot of value being offered.

Research Tools to Power You Ahead

You can’t create a successful online business without doing proper research. In the training you will come across a few different research techniques that you will use regularly and the main one of these is Keyword Research.

There are both free and paid Keyword Research options. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you get access to the site Keyword Research Tool and the new Jaaxy Lite membership access.

I cannot stress how important proper keyword research is for the success of your online business!

For now, please just accept that it is very important and you want to make sure that you get it right. The creators of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy know this and that is why they have included keyword research tools as part of the membership. This is another item that you don’t have to pay for in addition to your premium membership and that increases the value of the membership.


A Member Platform to Help You Achieve Success.

Last but not least – the Member Platform is great. There is a wonderful dashboard from which you can access everything that I have mentioned above as well as being able to login directly to your websites (hosted on the platform).

From various training courses and classrooms, to live chat and various activity feeds, to research tools and website management tools, and also an affiliate program that is available to both starter and premium members.

I can’t do justice to the platform in this post so I would encourage you to sign up for a free account and look around for yourself.

Below is a summary of what is included in the two different membership options.

To Summarise – my opinion

I am very happy that I came across Wealthy Affiliate when I did and I plan on staing oround for the foreseeable future. There is still a lot that I can learn from the more experienced people there, and I can also help some of the people with the knowledge I have gained.

If you want to have a one-stop-training-platform to get on the road to success with your online business then you need look no further.

Is there a catch?

No, there isn’t. you want suddenly come accross more upsells or find yourself having to purchase additional products. The only additional cost that you will come across is the cost of purchasing your own domain names for your website. When you want to setup a website you will need to purchase a domain for it. Think of this as buying a shop for your business to operate from. Usually the cost is about $10 to $14. This can be done within the platform, but it is an additional cost.

There are no upsells, just the two membership options. No additional costs for other training modules or for the weekly live training.

If you look at the value that is included in the membership then it is really worth it. Consider the world class WordPress website hosting and also the Jaaxy keyword research (a Jaaxy Pro membership is $49 per month), that is without considering the value of the support you will have access to.

The premium membership is already worth the fee just for the training and the support, but the other services make it a no-brainer. You won’t find something else like this anywhere.

Click below and try out the free membership (no strings attached)

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