What is Blogging and How Does it Work?

The words blog and blogging have become quite familiar, but do you understand what they are referring to?

Let’s take a detailed look at what blogging is and how it works.

To understand what blogging is, we first have to understand what a blog is.

Blog definition

The dictionary definition above explains it quite well.

To put it another way, a blog is a portion of a website that it updated regularly, usually a few times per week but it can be less frequent. This part of a website is usually referred to as a blog-roll and the updates that are added are called blog posts. These are listed in reverse chronological order, with the newest ones appearing first, at the top of the blog-roll.

A bit of history

The first blogs were referred to as weblogs and the term blog is the shortened version. In the begining these were mostly used as an online journal, sharing personal experiences and opinions. This has since evolved a lot and blogs are now used for sharing information in many different forms.

Usually a blog on a particular website will have blog posts that relate to the overall theme of the website. These can include information, opinions and even online training. These blogs are published on website on the internet and this makes them available for anyone in the world who has internet access to be able to read them.

Blog posts can contain text, video and images. This is partly what has made the use of blogs so popular. Another reason is becasue it is so easy to add another post to your blog-roll.

Visitor engagement

Another great feature about blog posts is that they usually have a section where people can leave a comment. This allows people to engage in a conversation with you around the topic you wrote about.

Usually a blogger will stick to a particular theme related to their website. For example, if somebody has a website about weight loss they might write blog posts about diet or exercise. These are topics that their readers would most likely be interested in.

Blog posts can be shared on social media sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest. This helps to attract people to your website to read whatever you have published.

I have used a lot of technical terms related to blogging in the above section, so let’s quickly recap on these to make sure that you still understand what I am talking about.

Blog Terminology

Blog: (noun) a regularly updated website or web page that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Blog: (verb) to blog means to create and regularly updae a blog.

Blog post: each individual article that is added to the blog.

Blog roll: the page on the website that contains all the blog posts.

Blogger: the person who creates and updates a blog.


So now we can get back to the original question:

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the process of creating and maintaining a blog.

It isn’t difficult to create a website for the purposes of blogging. The use of systems such as WordPress have made it easy even for non-technical people.

Who blogs?

Blogging has become very popular around the world and you will find many different people writing blogs. Some people do it just for fun so tht they can share their thoughts and opinions, while others do it for business purposes. Many business websites include a blog roll where they can share information and engage with the visitors to their site.

Many of these people have no technical ability, but are able to blog because of the tools that are available.

Why do people blog?

The main reason that people blog is to share information, whether this is personal, or for business purposes. The concept behind this is that you will get more visitors to your website if you are sharing helpful and interesting information on your site. By attracting more people to your site, your site gains popularity and will be seen by more people.

I hope that I have managed to answer the question.

Read my next post that explains in a little more detail how blogging works.

If you want to know more, please feel free to leave a question below. You are also welcome to add any information that I might have missed, or just share your thoughts on blogging.

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